Autism, Selective Mutism, or both?

Autism and Selective Mutism is an important topic to talk about as there are many misconceptions surrounding the two. Some people may think that Selective Mutism is a form of autism. But that is not the case. Autism and Selective Mutism are two different disorders. They can coexist together, however SM is not a form, […]

More than Shy

Selective Mutism may appear to seem similar as shyness. But there is a big difference between Selective Mutism and shyness. What is Shyness? Shyness is best described as a feeling of fear, or discomfort that can make a person feel uncomfortable, nervous and self conscious, etc, around people. It is seen as a an emotion, […]

It is Not a Choice

One assumption surrounding Selective Mutism is that individuals with this is choosing not to speak. This of course is definitely not the case. “Children and adults who struggle with SM do not find their mutism a choice.” Back in the time Selective Mutism used to be referred to as Aphasia Voluntaria because children with this were […]

Selective Mutism: Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s Remove All Direct Pressure To Speak It is important to remove all pressure to speak, in order for them to feel comfortable and at ease around you. Anyone who interacts on a regular basis with someone who has Selective Mutism needs to be taught to remove all pressure around speaking. This is one of […]

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