I am Desperate to Speak

In this blog post I’m sharing Bianca’s story with you. I am sure that many others will be able to relate to her experience. Thank you so much for sharing your story with me Bianca.

SM is something that’s always been in my life. I first noticed I was different from others when I started primary school. The others would talk and play together, but I always felt something was holding me back. I hated to go out or go to school and talk/play with others because I wasn’t feeling well, it was stressful. Till now, I’m still always feeling sick and just freeze on the spot. When someone asked me questions, my mind was unable to form words, and even though in my head I always knew what I wanted to say the words would never come out. Even though I don’t usually speak, deep down and in my head, I am just desperate to speak to others. So I’m now working on it slowly with a nurse in school, and things are getting better. And good friends in school are also helpful!

SM isn’t something that is very well known, so I also want to try my best to raise awareness of it. SM is a real condition, it’s more than just shyness. And it’s quite isolating because people people don’t get educated about SM, SO they don’t understand, they cannot get that we don’t have a choice. And I want people to know if you have SM, SM doesn’t define you.

Bianca runs the account music_therapy._.psycho which you might want to go and check out.

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